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Silvia Revoltella

I domanda

During your university career, you decided to have an international experience. What are the reasons that motivated you to do it?

Good working and studying possibilities in Austria; learning a foreign language at a high level; experience to live abroad.

II domanda

What international program did you attend? Was it the Erasmus program or another international program?

Erasmus Study and Placement .

III domanda

How this experience influenced your university and work career? But above all, how this experience determined you being a European citizen?

My Erasmus experience encouraged me to apply and movefir a PhD in Austria.

IV domanda

Many times, there is a lack of awareness about the work of the European Institutions managed by the single subject considered as a citizen. How do you perceive the relevance of these institutions in your daily life?

In my opinion the work of EU institutions are doing is not enough visible in the daily live of the avarage citizens.

V domanda

How do you interact with the European Institutions at the working level?

For my job, I personally interact daily with EU institutions, especially Health institutions in the pharmaceutical field, to be always in compliance with EU Guidelines.